Migraine Headaches and Laser Therapy

Do you experience throbbing, pounding, painful headaches? Does the pain often begin in the back while spreading to one or both eyes? Does this pulsating pain become so intense that it becomes hard to function on a daily basis? IF these symptoms sound familiar, it’s possible you’re dealing with a condition that is considered the 6th most debilitating condition in the world:  migraine headaches.

If have you have experienced this debilitating pain, you’re not alone; millions of Americans suffer from this chronic condition, and while slightly more women suffer from the ailment then men, the condition affects people of all ages and from all walks of life.

So what is a migraine headache? A migraine is usually an intense pounding headache that can last for hours or even days. The pounding or pulsing pain usually begins in the forehead, the side of the head, or around the eyes. The headache gradually gets worse. Just about any movement, activity, bright lights, or loud noise seem to make it hurt more. Nausea and vomiting are common during a migraine. Migraines may happen only once or twice a year, or as often as daily.

So, how can treatment and new pain modalities help this condition? Recent studies have found a connection between migraine headaches and the central nervous system. Your nervous system provides essential energy to all of your organs and your brain is the central organ of that system. It needs to be supplied with sustained nerve flow. If you are experiencing tight muscles block crucial energy to your brain. The necessary feedback, from body-to-brain is broken by constricted muscles.  These hardened muscles may subluxate, or misalign, your vertebrae, thus resulting in the “worst headache of your life.”

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, proper evaluation and diagnosis along with appropriate treatment to manage pain like the laser therapy treatments we offer here at Twin Hills Health Center, can help decrease symptoms and improve functioning.  Our team of clinicians will work with you to alleviate the symptoms of migraines.   Please call us to schedule an appointment today.


3 Signs to Look for After a Car Accident

The days immediately following a car accident can be a tense and confusing time.We are often so focused on dealing with insurance claims, scheduling tows and auto body repair appointments that we often neglect our own body’s reaction to the trauma of a car accident. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions and logistics of the situation and neglect signs of injury your body may be trying to communicate to you. By closely listening to your body, you can pick up on important cues to seek care after a car accident, thus avoiding pain, immobility, and diminished enjoyment of life months and years down the road.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury or been in a car accident, there’s a possibility that you have whiplash. Whiplash isn’t so much a condition as a cluster of symptoms that may appear after your head and neck are subjected to back-and-forth or side-to-side jerking motions that are both severe and sudden, common movements that can happen in the impact of an auto accident.

Because these movements can injure the tissues, nerves, and bones in your cervical spine, whiplash can, if left untreated, lead to serious and possibly permanent damage and disability. So, if you’ve been in an accident, it’s important that you get checked right away even if you don’t feel anything at first.

The three main signs that you need care after a car accident are:

  1. Stiffness of the Upper Body: Whiplash occurs when the neck and head experience a forceful back-forth motion and mostly occurs during an auto collision. The most common sign of whiplash is stiffness in the upper body, including the head, neck, arms, shoulders, or upper back. Regardless of when symptoms are felt, any stiffness in the upper body can indicate the potential for long-term chronic pain. With the help of immediate care, you can reduce your whiplash pain and stiffness with a realignment of the spine using state-of-the art treatments like spinal decompression. Laser therapy also has significant impact on the chronic pain issues following an auto accident.
  2. Numbness or Pain in the Joints: When you are involved in an auto accident, part of the impact is absorbed by your body. An impact this strong can knock your joints out of whack, thus compressing your nerves. When your nerves are pinched, you may feel pain or numbness. Symptoms such as these should not be ignored; at Twin Hills Health Center, we can help get joints back to their proper place and ease the nerves with laser treatments to relieve numbness and pain.
  3. Inflammation: Inflammation occurs when the body activates its natural healing response. The body sends white blood cells into the affected tissue or blood, which can constrict the nerves, causing pain, redness, immobility, swelling, and heat. Seeking the proper care quickly will reduce inflammation in the musculoskeletal system by stretching out affected ligaments or muscles to relieve soft tissue and help the area heal.

If you notice any of these three signs after being involved in a car accident, seeking care is imperative. Contact us at Twin Hills Health Center and we will help you find a treatment plan, work with your auto insurance carrier, to restore your health to optimum levels.


The Benefits of Laser Therapy

If you are suffering from pain in your nerves, muscles or joints then laser therapy could be the solution to your problems.

Laser therapy is a non-invasive medical technique that is used to treat a wide variety of issues. Sports teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Yankees use laser treatment to help heal the injuries suffered by their players.

Laser therapy can help with the chronic pain caused by a number of different issues. If you are looking for the type of laser therapy Williamsport PA residents can use then we can help you find it.

Here, we will take a closer look at the topic of laser therapy, telling you about just what it is, and just what conditions it can treat.

In addition, we will also point you in the direction of one of the best providers of laser therapy in the Williamsport PA area, in the shape of the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center. You can find out about the team of experts at Twin Hills who can offer laser therapy. We will also provide full details about how you can contact Dr. Jamie Leighow and his team at Twin Hills, and hear from some of the people that they have helped.

What Is Laser Therapy?

So, you are suffering from a condition such as joint pain or you have a persistent sports injury that will not heal. You have heard that laser therapy can offer relief for your condition but you are not sure what laser therapy actually is. Where do you start?

First, let’s outline some details about just what laser therapy involves. Although it is still considered experimental by some medical scientists and insurers, laser treatment has been shown in some studies to be an effective way to alleviate pain, including knee pain.

Laser therapy is also sometimes called cold laser therapy, class III laser therapy, or low-level laser therapy. Some studies have indicated that laser treatment can help wounds to heal. This means that laser treatment can help alleviate conditions such as arthritis or other joint conditions.

Proponents of laser therapy treatment state that because the skin absorbs very little light the laser can penetrate deeply into tissue. This means that it can trigger the healing of tissues with very few side effects. Due to low wattages used there is almost no risk of being burned by the laser.

Certainly, laser therapy has been adopted by many professional sports teams as a way of helping injuries to heal. If laser treatment can help professional athletes return to the field after sustaining an injury then it can certainly help you too.

What Can Laser Therapy Treat?

So now you know what laser therapy is, what kind of conditions can it help? The good news is that there is a wide range of contexts in which laser therapy can be used. Many of these conditions are related to the pain caused by old injuries or conditions characterized by chronic pain.

Laser therapy promotes healing by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. This, in turn, reduces injury damage and alleviates pain. The treatment has a great track record of helping people from all walks of life get back to their enjoyment of active hobbies to returning to work.

Patients who have been treated with laser therapy often show increased levels of function, both during the treatment period and afterward. For people who do not want to undergo surgery for chronic pain conditions such as joint injuries, laser therapy offers a safe and effective alternative.

Who Offers Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a type of treatment that is often provided by chiropractors. Chiropractors offer a variety of alternative medical treatments that can help various conditions. They can often help with troublesome and chronic conditions, especially when it comes to health issues like knee pain or shoulder pain.

You can find providers of laser therapy in Williamsport PA by conducting internet searches using engines like Google. Social media channels like Facebook can also be a valuable source of information about treatment providers. Checking out Yelp for reviews from local patients is also very useful indeed.

If you conduct searches for laser therapy in Williamsport PA then one name will keep coming up. That is the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Jamie Leighow and his team at Twin Hills, and why they could be the right option for you when it comes to laser therapy.

Check Out The Staff Expertise

Obviously, when you are looking for providers of laser therapy Williamsport PA residents can use you need to look at the credentials of the people offering treatment. The good news about the Twin Hills Medical Center is that the team that Dr. Jamie Leighow has put together has a superb collection of professional credentials and experience.

It was Dr. Leighow himself who opened the Twin Hills Chiropractic back in 1995. That came after he attended Bloomsburg University. He later received a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In addition to those qualifications, Dr. Leighow has also received certifications in performing functional capacity evaluations,  as well as surface EMG’s and adjunctive procedures. He is certified as a Diplomate for the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board.

The third doctor on Dr. Leighow’s team is Dr. James Toon. A local man, with his roots in the Bloomsburg area, Dr. Toon completed his undergraduate studies at IUP, before graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 2005. He joined the Twin Hills team in May 2013.

The Potential Financial Costs Of Laser Therapy

All medical treatment will cost you something, so you need to make sure that you can afford to pay for laser treatment if you want to undergo it. Some insurers may cover the cost of treatment, though you need to check with your insurance provider about this before you decide to go ahead with the treatment.

At Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center you can also take advantage of something called a Care Credit Patient Payment Plan. This gives you the opportunity to spread out the payments for the laser treatment in Williamsport PA that you receive. You can find more details about these payment plans on the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center website.

Twin Hills Testimonies

If you’re looking for laser treatment in the Williamsport PA area then finding personal testimonies from patients who have been successfully treated is an important thing to do. There are few things more powerful than hearing from someone whose pain has been relieved or their condition eased thanks to the treatment provided. Social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube can be a vital source of information for you.

There are many people who have benefitted from the laser therapy that is offered at Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center. Some of their testimonies can be found on the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center’s YouTube channel, as well as on the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health website. Here is a flavor of them.

Bonnie S, a resident of Watsontown, PA, was delighted with the laser treatment that she received from Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center.

“I fell on the ice on President’s Day 2014 and hurt my knee,” she said.

“I had it x-rayed and a Duplex done. I was told I had a Baker’s Cyst. It wouldn’t go away and I started developing sharp pain on the front of my knee. I could hardly walk, starting having back pain and difficulty sleeping.

“After going to Dr. Leighow at Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center in the middle of March, he suggested laser therapy. After the first treatment, I no longer had the sharp pain.

“After six 10 minute treatments in two weeks, I was back to walking and exercising. I cannot say enough about how great the laser therapy is and it only took six treatments.”

Christy D, from Hughesville, PA, feels that the treatment has made a huge difference to her quality of life, especially when it comes to sleeping better at night after she suffered from neck and back pain for years.

“It’s been about three years since I actually slept more than two hours a night,” she said.

“With laser treatment to my neck and back, I don’t have back pain anymore. I can sleep, sit, walk the mall without any discomfort.

“I was so amazed that the relief was so complete thanks to laser treatment.”

As you can see, laser treatment has been an effective remedy for many patients, who feel that their general quality of life, as well as their specific issue, has been helped. When looking for providers of laser therapy it is always a good idea to check out what real-life patients have said about their treatment.

Conclusion: Get In Touch With Dr. Jamie Leighow And His Team At Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center

Now that you have seen the benefits that laser treatment can offer, it is time to consider your options. If you are a resident in the Williamsport PA area, and you are looking for the best provider of laser treatment in your local area, then Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center offers an unsurpassed level of care. Using the same type of laser as is used by sports teams like the New York Yankees, Dr. Jamie Leighow and his team can treat a wide range of ailments.

If you want to get in touch with the expert chiropractic doctors at Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center, then the simplest thing to do is to visit the center’s website at Twinhillshealth.com. There, you will be able to find a contact form that you can complete and that the team will reply as soon as possible.

In addition to being able to use the contact form on the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center website, you can also call 570-546-5454. The team at Twin Hills will be delighted to talk to you about any issues with which you require help. The center is located at 2796 Lycoming Mall Drive, Muncy, PA 17756. Not only is this easy to find, but it is also situated on a bus route, meaning that you can reach it even if your condition prevents you from driving.

So if you are suffering from chronic pain or from a condition such as arthritis, get in touch with Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center today. The solution to your pain problems could be in sight. Dr. Jamie Leighow and his team can help, so contact them today!