Patient Success Stories

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Dr. Toon and the Twin Hills staff give excellent treatment and advice. I had relief from knee pain after the first visit and steady improvement since. Highly recommend!

Janet Keener

Same day appointment- squeezed me into their schedule. They were timely, courteous and friendly. I went into their office in much discomfort, very tearful, but was able to walk out with much less pain. Dr. Toon worked within the limits of my comfort and fears, listened to my concerns and created a plan that has me on my feet and back to walking miles! I’m grateful!

Shelly Bower

The Twin Hills Chiropractic Health has a wonderful staff. They are professional and friendly. I have overcome some of my health problems due to treatments. I am thankful.

Walter Burnette

I was experiencing pain in my legs and knew I needed to find relief. After seeing a friend of mine had posted she was getting treatment from Twin Hills Chiropractic, and the success she was having, I thought I should try them out. Well after only one visit I could see a huge improvement. I am not finished yet, but I look forward to the final treatment and not having the pain in my legs. Thank you so much Twin Hills Chiropractic!

Tina Aikey