Chiropractors provide a range of important medical services to people who are experiencing pain or discomfort.

A good chiropractor can help you with a wide range of health issues, ranging from weight loss to knee pain and a host of other ailments. Many sufferers of various conditions often find that chiropractors provide the missing piece that solves the mystery of their pain and illness.

Finding a chiropractor can be a tricky task if you have never done it before.

Here, we will give you a clear guide to finding the best chiropractor in Muncy PA. Once you have read the article, you should have a good idea about how to find a chiropractor in your local area who can help you with your issues. We will also point you in the direction of a few options that you consider in your search for the right treatment.

Check the expertise of doctors

One vitally important aspect to check when seeking out the best Muncy PA Chiropractic practice is to check the expertise of the doctors who work at local centers.

When it comes to finding the best chiropractors in your area you need to find out what kinds of treatments are offered, and whether they have the necessary expertise to treat your issues.

Experience of center – Twin Hills

Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center offers an outstanding level of service to patients in the Muncy, PA area. Dr. Jamie Leighow, along with his colleagues Dr. Eric Steffen and Dr. James Toon, provides the kind of personally tailored service that all patients deserve. The center is one of the best equipped in the area, with services such as X-rays available.

When you are looking for the best possible chiropractor for you and your ailments, it is always a good idea to look at the type of facilities and equipment that a center can offer. After all, the better the diagnostic equipment and treatment facilities available, the more likely your issues are to be successfully resolved. 

Dr. Jamie can offer a complete diagnostic check, carried out using the superb facilities and equipment at his disposal.

Any good medical center should offer the best possible standards of treatment and care. The quality of the equipment and facilities play a massive part in this, and you should always make sure you check out the center’s equipment before you make your final decision about where to be treated.

Expertise in other areas…

Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center has particular expertise when it comes to helping you lose weight. Working with the body’s chemistry to trigger the metabolic system, Dr. Jamie Leighow and his colleagues will provide you with a specific plan that is tailored for your individual needs. There are no gimmicks, no supplements and no magic tricks involved.

Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center has particular expertise when it comes to helping you lose weight. Working with the body’s chemistry to trigger the metabolic system, Dr. Jamie Leighow and his colleagues will provide you with a specific plan that is tailored for your individual needs. There are no gimmicks, no supplements and no magic tricks involved.

Seek out reviews of local centers

A good source of information when it comes to finding the best local chiropractors is to check online reviews. By checking reviews from genuine local people on Yelp, Google or social media sites like Facebook you can find out what service users really think of their chiropractor. People will often be more honest if they can leave an anonymous review online.

You do need to be careful, though, as some reviews and opinions can be a little biased, especially if a patient feels that the treatment has not worked for them. Always be aware that some reviews might be more about settling some kind of personal score rather than trying to help others. Nevertheless, if you can keep this in mind, finding reviews on social media will often give you a very good idea about the levels of service that a chiropractor offers.

Customer reviews of Twin Hills

Twin Hills has managed to attract some of the best reviews for chiropractors in the Muncy area. This can be seen by checking out some of the testimonies from their satisfied customers. Many patients have had their issues eased and even resolved by the chiropractors at Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center. You can find many personal testimonies on YouTube, for example.

Many of these indicate just how effective and safe the treatment provided by Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center was. This is especially true of patients who have taken advantage of the Twin Hills weight loss treatment program.

Here are some of the endorsements that Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center patients have given to the treatment that they received. 

“I worked with Twin Hills for six months and I took off 45 pounds,” said Jennifer M.

“In my younger years, it was a lot easier to take off weight, but at this stage in my life, I needed help. So I reached out to Twin Hills, and I highly, highly recommend the program that they offer here. They stock your toolbox with everything that you need to hit your weight loss goals. It’s a fabulous program.”

Annette B is another very satisfied customer who can testify to the efficacy of the Twin Hills weight loss program. 

“I started with the weight loss program at the end of April,” she explained. To date, I have lost 46 pounds. I really, really like my experience here.”

And Lloyd M. had this to say…

“I have been going to Twin Hills for over 10 years now. I love the kind and caring treatment I always receive which has never wavered since I first started going there. The doctors and staff go above and beyond to help diagnose and treat any issues I have. It is great knowing that they care about my overall health and will spend extra time working on me if needed. Thank you to everyone at Twin Hills, you guys are the best!”

Seeing personal testimonies like those above can be really important when it comes to choosing the right chiropractor. Make sure you take testimonies of this type into account. The key thing to note is the results that patients have obtained from the treatment. 

Find out how to pay for chiropractic treatment

Obviously, it is vitally important that you have a way to pay for treatment from a chiropractic center. You need to find out whether or not they will accept cash, for example. There is also often an option to pay for your treatment via your personal insurance cover. 

There are many instances where insurance might cover your chiropractic treatment too. Whether or not you are covered will depend on the details of your own particular insurance plan. You can check the details of the scheme with your insurer, and most chiropractic centers will be able to provide some guidance on this too. Then you can find the right medical practitioner to suit your budget and type of insurance.

Take note of how the treatment made patients feel

When you are checking out personal testimonies and reviews of chiropractic treatment centers, it is always worth noting how the treatment made patients feel. After all, how you end up feeling after you have received treatment is a pretty good indicator of how effective the treatment was. No one wants to end up feeling worse after being treated for uncomfortable or painful ailments.

When you are checking out personal testimonies about any chiropractors, always note how people feel after receiving treatment. If you see plenty of information about how their conditions have improved, or that they now feel ‘great’, ‘in superb shape’ or even just ‘much better’, then you know that you are on the right track when it comes to choosing a good chiropractor. 

Make sure the opening hours suit you

If you are to access effective medical treatment then you need to be able to travel to the center. Most people have very busy lives these days and have to juggle issues like work schedules, childcare, and other commitments to make them fit into their lives. Obviously, any medical center whose services you are considering using needs to open at hours to suit your schedule. 

You need to find a medical center that is open when it is convenient for you. This might mean that a center is open in the evenings if you work in conventional office hours, and find it tricky to take time off. Whatever the hours you keep, though, it is also worth checking to see if a center can provide treatment for you outside of their normal opening hours, in order to make things more convenient for their patients.

Linked to finding out the opening hours of a center – is finding its exact location. The location of a center can be important, especially if you are a patient whose condition makes them less mobile than other people. You might not be able to drive, for example, if your condition places limitations on your activity levels or ability to work machinery. 

The Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center in Muncy, PA is on a bus route, for example. This makes it much more accessible for potential patients who have to use public transport to get about. It is also open from 8 am until 6 pm most days of the week, excluding weekends, making it relatively simple for most people to access treatment. 

Explore various options

In addition to the Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center, you can also find a range of other chiropractic options in the Muncy, PA area. While Twin Hills offers an excellent level of service and superb treatment, it is vital that you weigh up other options when it comes to selecting a chiropractor. Only by weighing up other options can you make a properly informed choice about something as important as your health. 

Here are some other Muncy Chiropractic office options that we think are worth your consideration.

– Muncy Chiropractic Center

At Muncy Chiropractic Center, you will benefit from the treatment provided by Dr. Ernest Laubach and his team. Dr. Laubach graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1971 and established the Muncy Chiropractic Center a year later. The center makes use of the Koren Specific Technique (KST), which corrects nerve stress caused by distortions in your spine and body structure. You can find them at 5632 Clarkstown Rd, Muncy, PA 17756.

– Hampton Chiropractic

Hampton Chiropractic makes it their mission to: “Find your vertebral subluxations and correct them enabling your body to work to the best of its ability.” They can be found at 2848 State Route 405, Muncy, PA 17756. 

– New Horizon Chiropractic Center

Not much information can be found online about New Horizon, but there are several customer reviews that you can check out about their services. Their address is 439 Broad St. Montoursville, PA 17754.

– Cotner Chiropractic Center, LLC

This facility is operated by Brandon W. Cotner, DC. It is easy to find the center at 21 Kristi Rd Suite 6, Muncy, PA 17756, as it is located in the Penn Hills Plaza.

– Gregg F. Rhodes, DC

Gregg F. Rhodes offers chiropractic treatment to patients in the Montoursville area. He attended Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic and graduated from there in 1984. Rhodes can be found at 333 Broad St Montoursville, PA 17754-2205.

– Ernest M. Laubach, DC

Ernest M. Laubach, DC, has over 50 years of medical experience in various sectors. He attended and graduated from medical school in 1971, and has many years of experience of offering chiropractic services in the Muncy, PA area. You can find his facility at 5632 Clarkstown Road, Muncy, PA 17756-8249.

Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center offers superb services

Once you have considered the factors that we have outlined above you should be pretty well equipped when it comes to picking out a top chiropractor in your local area. Before you make your final selection, though, you should know that Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center has some of the best facilities in the local area, as well as some of the best medical expertise, in the shape of Dr. Jamie Leighow, Dr. Eric Steffen and Dr. James Toon.


If you are experiencing joint pain, especially if it is affecting your knees, or you need to lose weight, make sure you contact Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center. The resolution to your pain and discomfort could be waiting for you there. Get in touch today!

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