"Former Chronic Fatigue And Fibromyalgia pain sufferers Finally Discover The Secret To Getting Relief!"

Dear Fibromyalgia Sufferer,

fibromyalgiaSymptoms of FibromyalgiaPain is something that most of us don't like, but pain is something most people don't know what to do about it, especially with fibromyalgia pain.

Hi. My name is Dr. Jamie Leighow . I like helping people with their health problems and fibromyalgia is what I consider one of my specialties. I always tell my patients, "You don't have to live with ANY TYPE of pain!"

Here's the funny thing about that though. Most people don't believe me when I tell them that. My belief is that you don't have to take drugs or have surgery to get rid of your pain, even if you have fibromyalgia pain.

I've seen people come to my office in wheel chairs with strokes, congestive heart failure, bad backs, neck pain from a work injury and even pain from auto accidents, and I've rarely seen anyone NOT get some relief! Now I'm not bragging, but these little miracles are what 'trips my trigger' and helps me do what I do, on a daily basis. I love to help people, but nothing gives me a bigger thrill than helping someone regain their health, and to do it as quickly as possible, and without any discomfort.

Fibromyalgia 2The Cause of Fibromyalgia is UnknownHere's a special offer, just for you. If you fill out the form below and send us your information, I will mail you a free report that discusses Fibromyalgia and our care in our office. Then I will also extend a free examination offer to you as well to discuss your fibromyalgia problems and find out if you qualify for my specialized type of fibromyalgia care plan. If I can't help I will tell you, I won't waste your time!

My office is located at 2796 Lycoming Mall Drive in Muncy, PA, right up from the Lycoming Mall. We may be a little hard to find at first, but once you've found us, it'll be worth it because you're finally going to get some relief, and really, isn't that what's it all about? My phone number is 570-546-5454.

You can call us - anytime. If someone isn't there, just leave your name and phone number and we will call you back within 24 hours. I promise.

I've always found out that if you tell people the truth, they know it's the truth and they respond and that's why I will send you this free report and then you can make an informed decision. For clarification purposes, drugs or surgery are not part of my treatment regimen.


Dr. Jamie Leighow

P.S. Don't wait until your fibromyalgia gets worst. Call me now. Our phone number is 570-546-5454. Like I said, you can call us - anytime. We don't bite and we can help you with your fibromyalgia pain if you qualify, but you have to call us now.

P.P.S. If you're still skeptical, enter your information below and request my new FREE REPORT:

"Fibromyalgia Can Be Helped."

And we will send it to you, by first class mail - immediately. Don't wait. This is your chance to get relief. You won't be sorry, and it's FREE.

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