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All of the professionals at Twin Hills Health Center are committed to providing the highest quality care with compassion and a focus on healing. We know injuries are never simple. Our belief is multifaceted care, or combination care, which is the best approach to total health and recovery, and we make it a priority to provide health care programs that are responsible to the individual needs of our patients.


Mechanical Traction

Mechanical Traction is a very successful non-surgical procedure for relieving low back, neck, arm, and leg pain. It is also a highly effective treatment for patients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome and herniated or degenerated discs.

Mechanical Traction is a highly successful alternative to surgery for disc injuries. Mechanical Traction reduces the pressure on discs through a gentle traction force, allowing for improved circulation and exchange of fluids within the disc. This passive therapy, combined with electrical muscle stimulation to relax your muscles and ligaments, will expedite the healing process. Specific exercises will be prescribed to help you regain control and strengthen weakened muscles, which will help prevent a recurrence of the disc injury.

Mechanical Traction begins with a series of sessions, typically 3 times per week. Each session is approximately 8-12 minutes. Following each session, electrical muscle stimulation may be applied to help relax your muscles and ligaments. Clinical studies suggest that Mechanical Traction provides the majority of qualified candidates with initial relief within a few sessions.

Our patients have had great success with Mechanical Traction:

Mechanical Traction Success Stories:

"When I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, the neurosurgeon wanted to operate the next day. I was told that I only had a 15% chance of recovery through therapy. For the amount of pain that I was experiencing, I didn't believe that Mechanical Traction would work. Although skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try before getting surgery. I began Mechanical Traction, and experienced improvement after just one treatment; and within about 2 months I was pain free. I would recommend that you give Mechanical Traction a try before surgery - I did and now I'm pain free!" - Jeff, Muncy PA

"I had chronic back pain for many months. I tried different types of therapy, but couldn't get any relief. My pain was only getting worse. I went to another doctor, and when he read my MRI results, he suggested that I try Mechanical Traction. After just a couple of treatments, my back was feeling better. It is wonderful not to wake up every morning in the same pain that I went to bed with. I am getting better every day, and my pain is gone." - Shirley, Montoursville PA

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