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Twin Hills Chiropractic Health Center Newsletter September 2014

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Dear Patient,

fallHi. Time for me to share some more words of wisdom with you. Here's something you will want to know. When does summer end and fall begin? Simple answer is... The official last day of Summer is September 22nd. September 23rd marks the first day of Autumn. This is not the same for every country in the world though.

Here's some more things to think about. The most amazing machine in the history of the 'natural' world is the HUMAN BODY. If you were to purchase this amazing one-of-kind machine "it" would cost Billions of dollars. In fact, more money than you'll ever have ever. And once you brought it home, you would treat it nice and reverently because of the cost, wouldn't you?

However special and valuable your body is, think about how you treat it. I'm guessing you're not treating it as good as you could. You're not nourishing it with whole foods everyday, seven days a week. Here's what I've noticed. We still do not pay 'a lot of attention' to it, even though we know we should.

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