Laser Therapy Testimonials

I'm getting the treatment with the laser and it is not painful at all it acutally feels really good and then I get to see Dr. Toon for a treatment and this is the best I have felt in a long time. Martha F., Mill Hall, PA

My first visit to Twin Hills Health Center was AMAZING! Experiencing first hand the effects of warm laser therapy gave me hope that I may someday be able to tolerate my back pain. Sandy W. Watsontown, PA

I fell on the ice on President's Day 2014 and hurt my knee. I had it x-rayed and a Duplex done. I was told I had a Baker's Cyst. It wouldn't go away and I started developing sharp pain on the front of my knee. I could hardly walk, starting having back pain and difficulty sleeping. After going to Dr. Leighow at Twin Hills Health Center in the middle of March, he suggested Laser Therapy. After the first treatment I no longer had the sharp pain. After six 10 minute treatments in two weeks, I was back to walking and exercising. I cannot say enough about how great the laser therapy is and it only took six treatments. Bonnie S, Watsontown, PA

It's been about three years since I actually slept more than 2 hrs a night. With heat laser treatment to my neck and back I don't have back pain any more. I can sleep, sit, walk the mall without any discomfort. I was so amazed that the relief was so complete thanks to heat laser treatment. Christy D Hughesville, PA

The fall happened in February, 2013. At first the doctors decided to treat my hip for possible damage. After a few injections, I was sent to physical therapy. At that time Twin Hills was not my choice. Eight months passed and nothing was getting better. The doctors then decided that the problem was my back. Walking into Twin Hills was a different experience. The rooms are bright, the staff friendly and the therapists caring...Everyone on the staff made a purpose to know my name and welcomed me when I arrived. Debbie was my therapist and I felt that she truly cared about how I was doing and whether things were getting better. All the other staff showed concern also. After almost a year of using a cane, five weeks later I was walking without it. Never thought I would be able to walk any distance again, but I am up to almost a mile now. If you, your family, friends or even neighbors need physical therapy I encourage you to give Twin Hills a call, you won't regret it. Darnyl V, Laporte, PA

I had laser treatment to my left elbow which has been messed up for 2 years and in 8 treatments no more pain and still no pain to this day! Janet K, Trout Run, PA

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