Knee Pain Testimonials

I have had knee pain and walked with a limp for a number of years. Dr. Steffen took x-rays. I have bone spurs and arthritis. With exercise and laser therapy I am able to walk without a limp. BMS, Muncy, PA

I fell on the ice on President's Day 2014 and hurt my knee. I had it x-rayed and a Duplex done. I was told I had a Baker's Cyst. It wouldn't go away and I started developing sharp pain on the front of my knee. I could hardly walk, starting having back pain and difficulty sleeping. After going to Dr. Leighow at Twin Hills Health Center in the middle of March, he suggested Laser Therapy. After the first treatment I no longer had the sharp pain. After six 10 minute treatments in two weeks, I was back to walking and exercising. I cannot say enough about how great the laser therapy is and it only took six treatments. Bonnie S, Watsontown, PA

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